SQL Pass Summit 2014 – Day 5

Last day of Pass, it has been an awesome week, no other way to get this much knowledge from som many great speakers. It rocks.

First session: Troubleshooting AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL 2014

Very good session on troubleshooting AlwaysOn and what de most common support case are.

Query to check for secondary URL list in the deck. Multisubnet failover can cause problem for applications like Sharepoint which doesn’t  support the Connections string features to use readable secondaries. Detailed descriptions in the slide deck with links to articles about how to get around som of this problems.

Set async secondaries to sync mode before failover. resume of all secondaries will then not be necessary.

Download the slide deck, lots of nice things in it.

Second session: Enter the Dragon: Running SQL 2014 on Windows Server Core

  • Less space consumed
  • Reduced patching
  • Reduced surface area for attack
  • Faster deployment
  • Faster boot times

Consider using Hyper-V Server for licensing reason.

Powershell is the tool for configuration of server core, VMM is used for provisioning.

MinShell is a basic GUI that can be enabled. Need to install Full Fat Windows and remove GUI, to be able to run it easy. IS very difficult to install afterwards on a core installation.

Description of how to create ini file for core installation in slide deck.

Third session: Getting Started Reading Execution Plans

Grant Fritchey demos how to read queryplans. right to left or Left to right, you have do both. Great queries to find bad behaving queries.

Look them up at http://www.scarydba.com

Forth and last session at Pass: High Performance Infrastructure for SQL Server 2014

My favorite subject, hardware for high performance servers.

SMB 2.1 MTU 1MB is disabled by default in windows, makes a huge difference.

Best session of the whole week. Amazing stuff with SMB3 and NAND flash storage and what it can do for SQL server performance. SMB protocol is definitely an alternative to traditional FC and ISCSI.

Need to get hold of the presentation, it was awesome.



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