SQL Pass Summit 2014 – day 4

Amazing keynote speak by Dr. Rimma Nehme on Cloud DB’s. It clearly a thing of the future and maybe even now. This recording will be a very good to show people that want’s to learn about clouds. Brent Ozar have a good live blog here. http://www.brentozar.com/archive/2014/11/sqlpass-summit14-keynote-liveblog-rimma-nehme/?utm_content=buffere5b33&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

First session: Writing Faster Queries Using SQL Server 2014

Starting by talking about in-memory tables, we have schema_only and schema_and_data tables. Schema_only is volatile tables in memory, stat will be lost when SQL server is turned off. Schema_and_data flushes out data to disk. Schema only does not incur any logging, which makes it very fast.

You can determining if a Table or Stored Procedure Should Be Ported to In-Memory OLTP by using Transaction Performance collector in SQL 2014. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn205133.aspx

SQL 2014 has many new features. Existing code “may” run faster, requires rewrite to take advantage of new features.

Updatable column stored index can only have one clustered columnstore index.

 Second session: “Leveraging AQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine Best Practices”

  • Keep storage account and SQL server VM in same region
  • Disable GEO-replication, use AlwaysON replication instead.
  • Don’t use caching.
  • Use 64KB allocation when formatting disk.
  • Only use “data disks”, also for tempdb
  • Place data files across multiple data disks

Third session: “Azure CAT: Deep Dive of Real World Complex Azure Data Solutions”

Left the session after 15 minutes, interesting case study about car manufacturer Qoros in China that is connected to everything. Sounds like an interesting concept. Didn’t enjoy the presentation, so I left and ended up on Kendra Littles sessions on Index suggestions and why they might not be so good. Excellent session on the indexes suggestions in SQL server not always being so good. Had several examples where the query actually performed worse after the suggested indexes had been added. Filtered indexes good be a solutions sometime , but there are some caveats to look out for. Applications can have problem with INSERT/DELETE/UPDATES if the table have filtered indexes.

Forth session: Build a Social Analytics Platform to Manage Your Social Presence

Not really a DBA session, more a way of getting to know how social data is used by companies. How can social media data be analyzed. What kind of tools in SQL server stack can be used to analyze the data was discussed.

List of tools for SSIS:  http://ssisctc.codeplex.com

http://nodexl.codeplex.com is a great tool to collect data from social media



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