SQL PASS SUMMIT 2014 in Seattle #sqlpass

PASS Summit 2014 Banner_940x94

A lot happening right now…

Leaving for Seattle and SQL Pass Summit 2014 on sunday. Really looking forward to this, second time now and no longer a “First timer”. Last year was very good, I meet some nice people, attended sessions that where awesome and enjoyed all the evening activities. But I kind of missed out on the opportunity to connect with more people. I have read many blog post on the subject and I realize that talking to people is probably what gives the most during the week. This time I will try to interact more. A few tips for those that read this and are new to Pass.

  • 1. Get out of your comfort zone, talk to people around you at the receptions.
  • 2. Walk up to the “celebrities” and say hi, they don’t bite.
  • 3. Visit the breakfast sessions or at least have breakfast at Pass instead of at the hotel.
  • 4. At lunch, don’t try to find an empty table, sit down and have a chat with complete strangers.
  • 5. Visit the clinic and the community areas and discuss your problems. If you have a problem at work, you can be sure someone else has the same problem.

See you in Seattle on monday !

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