Replicate logins and jobs in #SQLServer #AlwaysOn environments

After working for a while with SQl 2012 and AlwaysOn it becomes clear that keeping logins, jobs and other uncontained objects in sync between different hosts is a problem.

Maybe not if your running a small cluster with only 2 servers and one or two AG’s, but when you have 5 servers and 5 AG’s it becomes a hazzel to keep control of what should be copied to each server.
I started out with home made script and synclogin scripts but it feels like I’m always forgetting something.

Today I found this:

SQLSkills and Jonathan Kehayias have created a SSMS add-in that lets you create SQLCMD script that can copy everything. Easy to use and a very good start.

So far it only creates a SQLCMD script that you will have to automate yourself, but Jonathan believes they will continue to develope it into a more automated utility.

That sounds very interesting.

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