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SQL PASS SUMMIT 2014 in Seattle #sqlpass

A lot happening right now… Leaving for Seattle and SQL Pass Summit 2014 on sunday. Really looking forward to this, second time now and no longer a “First timer”. Last year was very good, I meet some nice people, attended … Continue reading

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The Nutanix journey – part 1 #nutanix

I have been blogging and tweeting about Nutanix since June 2013, overĀ 3200 tweets regarding Nutanix according to #Snapbird. So my journey to Nutanix and web-scale IT is not new in any way. But now I’m getting pretty close to actually … Continue reading

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Old blog posts republished

I have republished some of my most read article from my previous blog. Your welcome to read and also visit the old blog and read my other posts at

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Powershell to disable unused computer AD accounts.

Here is a powershell script that can be used to cleanup old computer AD accounts: Import-Module ActiveDirectory $date = get-date $systems = Search-ADAccount -ComputersOnly -AccountInactive -TimeSpan 365 foreach($computer in $systems){ $computer | select-object Name, OperatingSystem, DistinguishedName, LastLogonTimeStamp >> “C:\Scheduled Tasks\AD … Continue reading

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Monitor failed SQL jobs in Nagios

This script can be used to monitor for failed SQL agent jobs in Nagios. It requires python-argparse and python-pymssql which can be installed like this in debian Linux: sudo yum install pymssql Sudo yum install python-argparse Script is then run … Continue reading

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Replicate logins and jobs in #SQLServer #AlwaysOn environments

After working for a while with SQl 2012 and AlwaysOn it becomes clear that keeping logins, jobs and other uncontained objects in sync between different hosts is a problem. Maybe not if your running a small cluster with only 2 … Continue reading

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Use SQL Server Central Management Server remotley through powershell

Ever wanted to run a scheduled powershell script that uses the CentralManagementServer to connect to all your SQL servers ? After trying out a bunch of diffrerent solutions I found this piece of code on a Microsoft blog. I have … Continue reading

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